In Modus Operandi we support a multidisciplinary art project where music plays a fundamental role. We had the pleasure of having musicians and singers referring to the music scene, being a showcase of their talent and their work in art and culture. On this occasion we will have the opportunity to enjoy the Space Verborrea and Mrs. Pausa concert next Friday, December 20. ! Tickets now on sale!
“Temps d’Aimer”
“Desde el Otro Lado”
“Amador. El último minotauro” shortfil original soundtrack
“Más allá del signo”, of Lorena Serrano and “El Silencio de los Sonidos” of Elena Guerrero
Modus Operandi
Bullfighting Prize 2013
Coinciding with the 25th ANNIVERSARY OF THE JABALINE SEAL celebration and the launch of the "Time Capsule", a compilation with which the label begins to celebrate its 25 years of history in the world of music, Javelin wanted to expose in our space a very representative part of the trail that, as a musical seal, has been leaving during all these years of trajectory.
A celled exhibition from 21.03.19 to 25.03.19 which hosts varied pieces such as the photographs of José Carlos Nievas and Nathalie Paco; originals illustrations made by Fernando Vicente, who has also made many of the covers published by the label as the one illustrating the invitation of the event; a selection of covers, posters, printing graphics with the signature of Javier Aramburu; and of course records, many albums (among them some novelty in exclusive world). Apart from all this there will be live performances and many more surprises.
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FUEL FANDANGO during their concert in the "Libres" exhibition in 2018
Modus Operandi has had the pleasure to count on musicians and singers referents of the current panorama, being a sort of showcase of their talent and their work within the art and culture.