Bárbara G.F. Muriel
23/03/21 - 29/04/21
Separate the branches. Close the gate. Enter. Forms of an enclosed garden is an embroidered garden of gardens. On the Edenic space that inhabits the sacred body, that of guardianship, virtue and grace, Bárbara G. F. Muriel sews herself with technical images and visual codes of the pathological body. The clinic, the sanctity and the flowers.
In a hortus conclusus with a botanist rumor, two genealogies - that of the sanctified body and that of the clinician - converge towards artistic experience, in a reflection on the affliction, invulnerability and fragility of living bodies. The interweaving of iconographic discourses around the garden surrounds the works in the exhibition with great richness. Between the ideals of modern reason and religion, the colonial and the sacred, the natural sciences and faith, the artist questions the hierarchy of organs, knowledge and forms of life, and plays to expand the imaginary with humor, criticism and delicacy.
Bárbara G. F. Muriel's proposal is an experience of fibers, nuances, slow time and a close look. The artist problematizes corporeality from her own perspective, based on the file of magnetic resonances of her head, emphasizing thread drawing and hand embroidery in the process of material emergence of the works.
Shapes of an enclosed garden disturb the fiction of nature. Scientific observation transmutes into strange and intimate contemplation. Poetics of bankruptcy, fallible and survival. This is a garden of hybridizations, of failed taxonomies, of anomalies that throb between strands; a place for epiphanies, ecstatic saints, subtle mutations and living herbs.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054