Alba Soto was born in Madrid in 1981.
Her training combines the visual arts and the performing arts, specializing in interdisciplinary and performative tools for creation and teaching practice. She has a doctorate in Fine Arts and since 2007 is a university professor. She has given seminars at international universities such as Kymenlaakson University of Applied Sciences in Finland, UCA University for the Creative Art in England, Hoschule fur Kunste Bremen in Germany, Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia, SAIC School in the Art Institute of Chicago, among others.
She has made a long list of drawing and painting exhibitions and her multidisciplinary artistic work has been shown in national and international festivals and exhibitions in the US, China, Italy, Poland, Germany, etc. This practice, combined with curatorial work, has allowed him to organize exhibitions and meetings in Madrid and Chicago and collaborate, sharing experiences and processes, with a multitude of artists from all over the world.
“It is fundamental for me to breathe changing disciplines, from drawing to stage work, which are fed back with video and painting. I am exhausted by a single practice; a unique way of counting things. My specialty, therefore, lies in the variety of processes and the flexibility of techniques. This supposed dispersion concatenates a particular universe, which is related to each other, being a participant in a coherent and simultaneous discourse, based on spontaneity and surprise as modes of survival. I use artistic expression as an excuse to take risks, to open my sights towards transformation ".
She travels the visual arts, theater and dance in a grotesque, determined and colorful way. With avoidable sensory, emotional and symbolic features. From fright to curiosity and from curiosity to confrontation, always leaving room for chance and improvisation.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054