ISBN: 978-84-18016-02-8
Format: Rustic with flaps
Size: 15 x 23 cm
Nº of pages: 320
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Launch: 11/11/19
Guerra de galeones

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Guerra de galeones
Miguel del Rey
With the idea of having a ship with a strong hull and maximum manoeuvrability, capable of making long voyages and defending its valuable cargo, the galleons were born. They would go on to swell the pages of naval history, but, mostly, they would become the icon to beat in pirate novels and cinematic adventures. Designed at the beginning of the 16th century, its construction and structure, its armament, the working days of officers and sailors, the food, are presented here in a realistic, concise, pleasant and clear way. Boarded on these pages the reader, aided by graphics and illustrations, will notice the crunch of the wood, will feel the tension of the fight and will understand how life must have been on board these ships that for two centuries sailed the seas and defended the Hispanic Monarchy.