Oliver Roura
09/09/21 - 18/10/21
Oliver Roura (Barcelona, ​​1978) is an artist difficult to classify. Despite the fact that his work is exhibited -for now- on aluminum support or that he works directly with paint, his creation procedure is completely different from conventional techniques. The works presented in this exhibition are the result of a long journey of learning and technical improvement that began many years ago and which reaches its peak with this exhibition.
While a traditional painter works by adding layers of paint one on top of the other, he does it the other way around. Roura begins by painting on a glass the first layer of paint in the painting which, once transferred onto the canvas, will become the last, the one most visible to the viewer. After this first layer there will be a second that enters into dialogue with the first and a third that will again modify the previous ones, modifying the depth, color and final texture of the work.
But beyond this alteration of procedural order, there is something else that distances it from traditional painting. The fact of working with plastic materials allows you to add layers that do not contain chromatic information, totally transparent, that generate voids, grooves, spaces that, in relation to the rest of the pictorial layers, generate almost sculptural volumes, almost as if they were bas-reliefs .
Between 2013 and 2015 he was linked to the NGO “Sonrisas de Bombay”, with which he collaborated by putting his photographic skills at his disposal, documenting the entity's actions in the slums. The trips to India were those that you know when they start but not when they end. And there are trips that never end.
This is the feeling that Oliver Roura conveys when talking about his experience in India. He is not carried away by the picturesque nor is he seduced by the novelty. His trip to India is not present in his work because of the vividness of its colors or the appearance of its landscape. Oliver Roura reflects on his work around the mark left by his experience during the trip.
These works have been created by layers, by sediments that have been solidifying, in the same way that experience builds us, defines our character. We are the result of a constant superposition of experiences, emotions and experiences that, with our wounds and our achievements, define us in the same way that each step draws the path, in the same way that Oliver Roura defines his painting layer after layer.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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