María Herreros
28/10/21 - 29/11/21
Absurd shots, everyday images, discarded photos, errors, filters, downloads, bullshit. Our devices are full of graphic garbage that has become the subject of a new trend in social networks. The Photo Dump is the posting of the trash accumulated on our mobiles, images without any type of relationship that are uploaded in a carousel to show the less aesthetic and more real part of our lives.
In a context where imagery is so calculated and judged, can we break free from perfection with this new practice? How long will it take us to be slaves to the dirty image? Is it an innocent window to the everyday or another tool in the game of appearances we are used to? Is non-beauty the new posture?
After years installed in the comfort of the work inspired by fashion, artistic and editorial photography, María Herreros sets herself the challenge of communicating without beauty, without order and without meaning. The artist slides through her personal photo reel to find hidden and absurd gems from her private life, to present a collection of plastic works that make up her personal Photo Dump and to ask ourselves the following question: can the noise of our fingerprint become art ?
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054