Ángel Cañas, Iván Gómez y Alejandro Jaqs
Exhibition curated by Raquel Rico and Sergio Sánchez
10/01/19 - 12/02/19
The collective exhibition Other Lives revolves around the concept of “use and throw away” and opens a serious debate around the accumulation of waste and the management that is made of it. The purpose of Other Lives is to raise awareness about the urgent need to care for the Planet, arouse criticism of consumerism and promote reflection and debate in societies that generate a huge amount of waste every day.
In this sense, the title Other Lives refers to those other lives that discarded materials acquire after giving them a new meaning, many of them turning into works of art, as is the case with the pieces that are part of this exhibition. It starts from the idea of ​​creation through the "found object", it is the form of the forgotten, which brings the artist closer to the conclusion of the work. This plot development refers to the concept of memory, which is associated with the human being's need to possess and accumulate, and therefore with their ability to forget. A natural and cyclical process, intimately linked to the creation of a new object with a forgotten object, thus generating a totally different creation.
Based on this storyline, we have brought together three artists who conceive their work from recycled materials and elements. From the powerful animal sculptures by Ángel Cañas made from recycled rubber and tires; Iván Gómez's sculptures and carousels made from iron and metal; to the collages and unexpected compositions that Alejandro Jaqs creates from different materials and elements that he takes directly from nature.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
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