Rafael Jiménez
01/12/21 - 04/02/22
A family as a unit of time, a measure of the conflict.
The only way to combat this from the tools of History and Archeology, is to use it to question these natural assumptions. Denature the story.
Show that the present is really accidental, but logical; not natural, but naturalized. Our present is this, but it could have been perfectly another and this is what we must question. History, therefore, would try not so much to tell us who we are and how we got here but, on the contrary, to make explicit the process by which that “we” has become “us”. But that "we" has not always existed ("we have not always existed"). The key is to think critically about how the past is presented and manipulated,
The verification of a time that occurs. Of a memory that flows and remembers, but at the same time fictionalizes and constructs the possible spaces and times that have not been.
The fact is that it was going to happen, time was going to pass and it was going to grow, but at the same time, many other things did not happen. In the boundary space between image and abstraction, between reality and fiction, between memory and historical fact, between tradition and contemporaneity, between reflection and portraiture.
What was going to happen, and also what did not happen.
Balances, supports between bodies, the need for a group, painting as an exercise in the field of the expanded. The contact. The autobiographical occupies the space of the common place, the work acts as a medium, explores the intimate and at the same time general memory. The exhibition space as a place for reflection. The leap into the void as time lived and to live.
The identity supported by the known. In the history. In the conflict and in the test. In the absences and presences. Selection of jobs at different times. Coexistence and collusion of images in a single authorship that is never entirely its own.
Appeal to non-nostalgia. No, time is not good for that. There is the right to be forgotten, there is the right to think from a continuous present if the future is always uncertain.
Text by Rafael Jiménez
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