Lotje de Lussanet is an sculptor, photographer, painter and videoartist as well as curator with a long career. She has exhibited several times in The Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Her work is present at the CODA Museum Apeldoorn, the Dutch Credit Bank collection, the Dutch Foreign Ministry, as well as private collections.
Lotje’s work shows many references, very different, but always well conjugated. The "boschian" language plays a major role in its production; however, it lacks a reverence for the appropriation of the iconography of El Bosco. The artist manages to move away from the topic or the version; this allows her to focus, after a process of research, assimilation and reflection on the image, the aspects that interest her most when it comes to nuancing and materializing her work.
Evolution, fertility and women are recurring themes in Lotje’s work, always with the focus on prehistoric fertility figures. Among her most outstanding projects is the exhibition "Kadinlar" at the Museum Twentse Welle in Enschede. Lussanet chose the 10 women who, according to her, better represent the different periods of the region’s history, covering the Phrygian and Liderary Kingdoms, the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuk Dynasty, the Ottoman and finally the Turkish Republic.
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