The artistic universe of Pablo Rodríguez, better known by the nickname of LITTLE, inevitably moved us to an inner world full of nuances and possibilities, all of them loaded with meaning and feeling.
His work is a song to love, friendship, respect, imagination, resilience. A sincere sample of what he is and his way of seeing and facing the world, without prejudice, with the gaze of a child who sees things and expresses them with total freedom and without fear of being wrong.
His black and white drawings remind of naive art, given the simplicity of forms, spontaneity and imperfection. But that is precisely what the artist is looking for and outlines in a natural way and without any premeditation and therefore they do not lack complexity and message. This is another aspect that defines and characterizes his work. Messages of love, heartbreak, farewell and reunions, of happiness and fear, of the earthly and the extraordinary ... that invite us to recover our childhood and be freer, more rebellious.
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