UDL is an independent book distributor for small and medium publishers. They operate throughout the spanish territory  attending to 1.800 bookstores directly and to more than five thousand through agreements with distributors. They work with all bookstores chains and large areas. Their logistics are simple and efficient. It covers perfectly, from their warehouse in Alcalá de Henares, the needs of the customers and gives a fast and constant service to any point of sale.
Their administrative and accounting processes are absolutely transparent. Editors and booksellers can consult in real time, on the website, the movements made and download them in Excel format to incorporate them into their own systems. They work with publishers to design and define the commercial launch of each book. As business partners, we offer our professional opinion on promotion, marketing, formats, designs, printing, reprints, etc.
They add to their extensive experience and knowledge of the sector the most advanced software. Their website offers tools for commercial analysis and to help the publisher in his role of promoting each book and creating the necessary demand.
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