INTERLEO is a young and dynamic company born from the alliance of the large distributors Elkar and Arnoia in order to offer the publisher and bookstores in Spain an exclusive distribution service.
Our objective is to build an innovative and daring distribution model taking advantage of our operating structure and our sales network to offer the publisher the best placement of their books, promoting sales in bookstores and commercial areas throughout Spain.
The great logistical capacity of Elkar and Arnoia allows us to guarantee operational solvency from the first moment and provide the highest quality to our clients, being able to offer a 24-hour distribution service for all of Spain (48 hours for the Balearic Islands).
We are committed to the satisfaction and care of the publisher, that is why we offer you a level of information that is inaccessible to date thanks to direct coverage of 100% of the market.
One of our main concerns is the good placement and sale of books, and for this the most reliable partner is the bookseller, to whom we offer personalized attention and our consultation platform to guarantee the best service.
At INTERLEO we are responsible and transparent, committing ourselves to brands and their products to enhance collective talent and strive to shape a better future.
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