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José Luis Hernández Garvi
Miguel del Rey
This specialist in uniformology and vexiology is the author of dozens of articles and historical essays and he was awarded the IX Algaba Prize for Biography, Memories and Historical Research in 2011. His latest published titles are "El oro de América" (2016); "De Salamina a las Malvinas" (2016); "Fidel Castro" (2016); "Demonios del Norte" (2017); "El libro del soldado napoleónico" (2017. Traducido al portugués).; "Tormenta roja" (2017); "Cazadores de almas"  (2017); "Sahara, la provincia olvidada" (2018); "De Felipe V a Felipe VI" (2018); "Mandos y generales de la Guerra Civil" (2019).
His literary career spans different genres in which he has won more than thirty awards nationwide. In 2014 he was awarded the XII Algaba Prize for Biography, Memories and Historical Research for his essay "Heroes, Villanos y Genios".  As a historical disseminator, he collaborates in several specialized media such as the magazine "Muy Historia", "Revista Española de Historia Militar", "La aventura de la historia" y Año Cero." As essayist he is the author of books such as "Episodios ocultos del franquismo" (2011); "Glorias y miserias imperiales (2012); Los cruzados de los reinos de la Península Ibérica" (2013); "Adonde quiera que te lleve la suerte" (2014); "Ocultismo y misterios esotéricos del franquismo" (2017); "Magnicidio: crónica negra de los Presidentes asesinados de los Estados Unidos" (2018); "Eso no estaba en mi libro de la Primera Guerra Mundial"; (2018); y "La Guerra Civil española en 50 lugares" ( 2019), his last book.
José María López Ruíz
Journalist, publicist and essayist, José María López Ruíz has written several articles for press specialized in magazines such as "Historia y Vida", "Madrid día y noche", "Historia 16", "Cuadernos republicas", "Revista de Historia", etc. Among his most recent published books, we must highlight "Los Pecados de la carne" (2001); "Crónica negra del siglo XX" (2002); "Los seres más crueles y siniestros de la Historia" (2003); "Un siglo de risas" (2006); "1936: El año de los sueños y las pesadillas" (2019); "Las cupletistas. Un ejercito de mujeres libres" (2019), entre otros. Asimismo cuenta con publicaciones inéditas como "Málaga: memoria de un siglo" (1901-2000); "Memorias del cine español: 1896-1996"; o "Crónicas denla Gran Vía" (1910-1960).
Miguel Ángel Ordóñez
Miguel Ángel Ordóñez Anula received the Ortega y Gasset Prize for Journalism. Degreed in Information Sciences in the Complutense University and a Phd in History, for years he wrote for the newspaper "El País" from Haiti and the Dominican Republic, where he developed a successful journalistic career while running the School of Communication of the Catholic University of Santo Domingo, where he is an Honorary and Distinguished Professor. He has also been Press Chief of the Marbella Town Hall. Previously he has published, among others, "Dos siglos de bribones y algún malandrín" (2014), "El Caso Malaya. Los elefantes asolaron Marbella" (2010), etc.
Domingo Delgado de la Cámara
Writer and amateur bullfighting, he is for many people an authentic professor in the noble art of bullfighting. Since 1988 he has collaborated in the press, radio and television. He has written "Revisión del Toreo" (2002); "Avatares Históricos del Toro de Lidia", (2003); "Del paseíllo al Arrastre". (2004); "Entre Marte y Venus" (2015), since 2017 he's the leader of "Al toro por los cuernos", a digital project which combines a youtube channel and a web of bullfighting news.
Enrique Herreros
Enrique Herreros is a lawyer and journalist, related from his early life to the cinematographic world; head of Advertising at United Artists in Madrid; Paramount for Ibero-America; later to the famous producer Samuel Bronston, based, first in Buenos Aires and later in Madrid; he directs the films' advertising of the CBS Cinema Center in Spain and Latin America; he also works for producer Melvin Simon in Hollywood. Collaborator of the weekly newspaper "Domingo"; the "El Alcázar" newspaper and the magazines "Gaceta ilustrada", "La Actualidad Española" and "Miss"; he works also as a correspondent in Spain of the Channel 12 of Havana (1959-1960). In the newspaper ABC he has published 443 contributions to date. He has witnessed nineteen Oscar ceremonies on site, broadcasting the first three connections for TVE. Contributor to José Luis Pécker’s weekend parade on Radio Madrid.
Ismael Díaz Yubero
Díaz Yubero has developed his professional carreer in the Administration, in jobs related to food. He has also taught and has been a member of the Council of the Ferrán Adriá in the Camilo José de Cela University, of the Courses of Sommeliers and Masters of the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and of the Course of Gastronomic Journalism of the Information Sciences Faculty in Madrid. He also has been five times National Gastronomy Award, Food Award of Spain, Dr. Marañón Award of the Spanish Academy of Gastronomy.
Melquíades Prieto Santiago
Degree in Romance Philology from the University of Salamanca, he dedicated his first thirteen professional years to the teaching of Spanish literature, during which he also published textbooks. From his care came facsimile reproductions of the Golden Age (Life of Quevedo, Orpheus in Castilian language, Works of Villamediana, La vega del Parnaso, New art of making comedies ...) and of the twentieth century (Dream stories of María Teresa León; Tales from Calleja; Antoñita from Borita Casas, Pinocchio from Bartolozzi and the very successful reproduction of the Álvarez Encyclopedia in all its cycles). Directing the EDAF Library of classics, he prepared an Anthology of Spanish and Latin American poetry, etc. In 2015 to remember his years of youth he published "I made the mili".
Andrés Amorós Guardiola
Andrés Amorós is Professor of Spanish Literature and writer. He has published more than 150 books of narrative, essay, literary criticism, theater, music and bullfighting. He has received the National Essay Prize, the National Prize for Literary Criticism and the Fastenrath Prize of the Royal Spanish Academy. He has been Cultural Director of the Juan March Foundation and General Director of the National Institute of Performing Arts and Music of the Ministry of Culture. Academic of Honor of the Royal Academy of Valencian Culture and Corresponding Academician of the Royal Academy of Good Letters of Seville ... Currently, he directs the program "Music and lyrics" in radio and is a bullfighting critic of the ABC newspaper.
Patricio de Blas Zabaleta
Professor of Geography and History is also a member of the International Technical Team of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) and the Commission of historians of the Andrés Bello Convention. As a member of the OEI, he is co-author of: Plans and programs for the teaching of history in Latin America at the medium level (1996); Teaching the history of Latin America, Guide for the teacher (1999), Common history of Latin America (2000), The company of America. The men who conquered empires and created nations (2010, 2011). Latin America 1812-2012: From Independence to Globalization (2013). Other publications: Julián Besteiro in the socialist controversy during the Second Republic (1870-1940). Features of his life and his work (2002). Swimming against the tide (2002), Letters from prison. 110 letters to his wife Dolores Cebrián (2005), Conspiracy against the Bishop of Calahorra. Denunciation and chronicle of a scoundrel (2008).
Paco Álvarez
Paco Álvarez, publicist, has always been a researcher and, "still", a history student, as well as a small businessman, presenter and talkative, poet, exhibition curator and parent, not necessarily in that order. He has worked in fifteen countries on two continents as responsible for communication for some of the most important companies (Banco Santander, Benetton, Cartier, Chivas Regal, Colgate, Klepierre, Philips). In different cultural projects, he has collaborated, among others, with Discovery Channel, La 2 de RTVE, National Geographic Channel, El Toro TV and with personalities like Milos Forman, Kerry Kennedy and Yvonne Blake. He is the author, among others, of the best seller "We are Romans" and now he presents "We Are Crazy These Romans" the story of how we become Romans. A fresh and entertaining vision of our ancient history.