Rebeca Khamlichi
18/02/21 - 22/03/21
If there were a CSI of art and an agent, to make an analysis, soak a swab (a cotton swab) in the red, blue, purple or black of one of the Love and Disgust canvases, the result would not yield any kind of doubts: in addition to acrylic, the composition of the painting would contain a high content of tears, blood, fire, pain, sweat, unspeakable fluids, anger, fear ... it contains, unexpectedly, traces of the most addictive drug: hope.
That's Amor y Asco, the vademecum of the emotions that permeated the adolescent diaries of the writer Bebi Fernández, translated into the personal language of Rebeca Khamlichi's brushes.
And to sum it all up, an image that is difficult to get out of your head: the great portrait of the girl with the barbed wire: the threatened woman who, even so, looks at the horizon through everything that can destroy her.
Rebeca says that these works are also a gift from a friend to another friend: “They are the drawings that come to pay off the debt for having allowed me to be a participant in those newspapers that stirred me up so much. I have tried to cause the same commotion in whoever approaches this room… ”. Words in exchange for strokes of bold red, blue courage, violet woman.
This is this exhibition. A vomited poem of colored words. Desperate canvases of free rhyme. Love. And disgust.
Calle Lope de Vega 31
28014 Madrid
915 357 054